Download Ownerfy NFT Creator

Ownerfy Mobile App is used to create and view Semi-Fungible NFTs for artwork, merchandise, tickets, coupons, and more!  All accounts are exportable to MetaMask wallet.

Note: Some functionality is only available to Android users

The NFTs you generate are authentication and ownership records for your digital creations and physical goods like paintings or designer shoes. Records are backed up on the blockchain and impossible to counterfeit. All records can be tracked back to the original creator. Your blockchain records are 100% secured by your digital keys and identity. NFTs are the world's most secure way to provide authenticity of goods, prevent counterfeiting and provide proof of ownership. Use the links below to download the apps and start creating NFTs today:
 Ownerfy NFT Creator Download on App Store
Download Ownerfy on Android Play


Ownerfy NFT Creator mobile app allows you to:

  • Create an inventory of your digital and physical items
  • Preserve the creator information and the ownership history
  • Validate authenticity of merchandise by checking its source
  • Supports digital assets created on other platforms like:
    • OpenSea
    • MLB Digital Collectibles
    • Enjin Assets
    • CryptoKitties
    • BasketBall Digital Collectibles
    • MyCryptoHeros
    • Decentraland
    • 0xUniverse
    • and many more


Ownerfy NFT Generator features:

  • Support for ERC721 or ERC1155 digital assets
  • Ownership integrity - you, the creator, own your private keys 
  • Opportunity to trade created NFTs on OpenSea and other trading platforms
Tokens minted by your address are unique in all the world and can only be created by you and you alone.