Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone who scans the tag see my email or phone number? 
No. Your email and phone number are always hidden unless you specifically write them in the custom note area, which you are welcome to do if you feel comfortable. Guests can contact you via the contact form on your item page. The system knows where to forward your email and text messages. Then it is your choice to reply and reveal your email and phone number.

Do you people need an app to scan the QR code? 
No. By default the camera app on all iPhones and most Android phones will read the QR code and bring up the link to your item page. If someone does not have a phone capable of scanning the QR code the website also allowed people to enter the 6 digit code manually. Instructions are on each tag.

How does this compare to Tile?
Tile helps you find your own items. It relies on many people having the tile app installed on their phone and you are responsible for hunting down and finding your item based on the probable location. Ownerfy helps anyone find you once your item is found. It relies on the tendency for people to do good and do the right thing. Ownerfy doesn't replace Tile and in fact they work together.

How do I get my item back? 
Ownerfy simply facilitates the communication between lost items and finders. If you need to make arrangements to retrieve something we recommend using a public place such as one of the places below. 

  • Convenience Store
  • Coffee Shop
  • Airport
  • Bus stop
  • Gas Station
  • Police Station

What can I put in the custom message field? 
Here are some suggestions:

  • Rewards for lost items
  • A first name in case you need to recognize who items belong to amongst many similar items
  • More contact information if you have multiple ways you need to be contacted
  • More details about the item that you or your company needs to know. 

This information field can be updated any time.

Can someone use the tag without a phone a QR code scanner? 
Yes! The 6 digit code can be entered directly on without scanning the code. Instructions are on every tag.

Do I need bluetooth enabled?
No, there is no necessity for bluetooth, batteries or any electronics.

Are the tags waterproof? 
All stickers, and tags are waterproof. There are no electronics so there are no circuits to break. The stickers can be submersed in water and dried off many times.

Can I update my information after I register? 
Yes, you can assign any email and phone number to any tag through the dashboard.

Is the code transferrable? 
Not yet! We're working on it, but for now you can still change the contact information of each tag independently.