How to Make NFTs on Ownerfy App

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are great for representing things like titles, deeds, game items, and other tradable goods. An NFT represents a single item and the history of who traded that item is preserved on the blockchain.  

Any tokens you create will always be traceable back to the creator address and no one can counterfeit or imitate them. Tokens take on the authority of the entity who creates them. Ownerfy holds a record and profile data of each creator, so they may be verified easily.

On Ownerfy you can make fungible or non-fungible NFTs on main-net Ethereum blockchain and have a convenient way to view, manage, and send them. You can also export them into a Metamask wallet using your private key to see your assets on any open marketplace like OpenSea or Rarible. From there you can put them up for auction or any other kind of sale. Any NFT you create on Ownerfy app is tied to your Ethereum address and once connected on one of those marketplaces all your NFTs will automatically be visible in your account.

How to create NFTs and Semi Fungible Tokens Step by Step*

Download the Ownerfy app.

*Some functionality is available only to Android users

Ownerfy is currently the only iOS or Android app that allows you to create NFT tokens from your phone. Our system will create a secure wallet with your private keys, which gives you complete ownership of your items. Your assets will be visible in other Ethereum wallets including Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet. Your created assets live permanently on the Ethereum blockchain and can be traded by any app that recognizes the official ERC-1155 standard.

Transfer ETH to mint your first NFT.

  1. Use the account icon in the bottom right of the screen to go to account creation and login screen.
  2. Add about 0.02 ETH to your account by going to the "Receive NFT/ETH" screen in the navigation. Get your public ETH address from the receive screen. You can send ETH from any Ethereum wallet to your account. Coinbase is one of the options.


Create Your NFT.

  1. Click the plus button on the market page or inventory. Alternatively use "Create NFT" in the navigation.
    Ownerfy NFT Page
  2. Select an image to use.
  3. Select Digital Asset (NFT Tokens)
    Ownerfy NFT Creation
  4. Enter name, description, creator name. For Semi Fungible Tokens set quantity to more than 1 for tickets or coupons. With quantities more than one it’s still easy to tell the origin of an NFT, but if it’s traded many times it’s more difficult to decipher the exact chain in between.
  5. Click submit and if you have enough ETH you should get a confirmation message. You can also track your items in the history page. Each history item links to Etherscan where you can see its progress.

Your new NFT or Semi Fungible NFTs should appear in your wallet:

From here you can transfer, view or sell your item on OpenSea. On the OpenSea page you can see things like ownership history and a list of current owners.

If you would like to manage your items on OpenSea you'll need to get MetaMask for Chrome on your desktop browser.  Your private key is available in the app's account page. It can be imported into MetaMask and then connected to OpenSea to manage and sell your items there or other sites. More on this here.

Enjoy your main chain Ethereum NFTs and Semi Fungible NFTs!

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